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Through Pella Care CDPAS you can reclaim your independence and take control of your own care and comfort. As a licensed fiscal intermediary Pella Care can legally facilitate services under New York’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (“CDPAP’). This means that we can empower the patient to become an employer and hire their own personal assistant (PA). Pella Care CDPAP oversees financial compensation for the personal assistant, and no money need ever change hands between the patient and the caregiver.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is CDPAP?

If you need home care, nothing can compare to the care and compassion of family members and friends. With CDPAP (Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program), you can enjoy the peace of mind and flexibility that receiving care from a friend or family member can provide.

Who is Eligible?

Under NYS law, the CDPAP program allows Medicaid patients who have been approved by their Medicaid Managed Care plan to recruit, train, supervise and schedule their own personal assistants to help with tasks that a professional home health aide or personal care aide would traditionally provide. 

Can Pella Help With My DOH-4359 Form?

Yes, Pella Care CDPAS can help Consumers and Personal Assistants complete and submit the DOH-4359 form, which is the standardized Physician’s Order for Personal Care Services for use in the Personal Care Services Program (PCSP) and the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). The DOH-4359 form must be filled out completely and accurately in order to qualify for CDPAP service. View the form here and contact Pella Care if you need assistance. 

Who Can I Hire?

The PA you select can be a friend, family member, acquaintance or neighbor. However, it cannot include a patient’s legal spouse, designated representative, or a parent caring for a child under 21. They must be over 18 years old and authorized to work in the US. Click here for more information for caregivers. 

How Does My Caregiver Get Paid?

No money need ever change hands between you and your selected caregiver(s). Pella Care CDPAS will pay your personal assistant directly through the NY State CDPAP Program. We are a contracted Fiscal Intermediary, meaning we are licensed by NY State to facilitate your caregiver’s salary and benefits.

Where is Pella Care CDPAS Available?

CDPAP is only available in New York State and to NY State residents who are currently receiving Medicaid. For a full list of the 42 NY counties served by Pella Care CDPAS, click here

What if I Don't Know Someone I Want to Hire?

If you don’t have a relative or friend that you wish to hire as a PA (Personal Assistant) you can receive services from a trained home health aide through a Licensed Home Health Care Agency. Contact us to learn more about Pella Care’s traditional Home Health services.

I'm not on Medicaid. What Are My Options?

If you’re not on Medicaid please contact us or fill out the form below. Our team of specialists may be able to help you beome enrolled. If you do not qualify for Medicaid our specialists can also help you receive the care you need through a Licensed Home Health Care Agency, such as Pella Care Home Care, which accepts Medicaid, Medicare, MLTC, HMO, private insurance, and private payments. Contact us today to learn more about your options. 


How it Works

step 1

Contact Pella Care CDPAS to speak with one of our intake representatives and determine if you are eligible for CDPAP services. You must be a Medicaid recipient who lives in the State of NY.

Step 2

After determining eligibility, Pella Care will guide you through submission of required paperwork, including a nurse assessment and medical forms, to be completed by the patient’s doctor.

Step 3

Your Medicaid Managed Care plan conducts an assessment to determine eligibility and amount of services (number of hours) to be authorized.


After Medicaid authorization, patient selects his or her own Personal Assistant(s) – PAs may not be your legal spouse, designated representative, or parent if you are under 21.

step 5

Pella Care CDPAS conducts on orientation with the patient and the PA(s) to ensure understanding of roles and responsibilities.  

step 6

Pella Care CDPAS acts as the fiscal intermediary between the patient and the PA, facilitating wages, benefits and supporting the patient’s role as the employer of the PA.

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