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Pella Care CDPAS is an awarded Lead FI provider of the Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program in NY state. Through our CDPAP agency you can get the home care and help you need from someone you know and trust, without having to pay out-of-pocket. You select your own caregivers and we facilitate their pay and benefits. Established in 2015, we serve 42 counties throughout the state of NY. At Pella Care, love and care go hand in hand. 

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Information for Personal Assistants about requirements and benefits. 

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Sometimes, patients who require home care or need help to be safe at home are not comfortable trusting a stranger in their home, or prefer to receive care from those they know and love. These patients value their independence, but still require help with their personal and medical needs.

These patients may rely on adult children, relatives or friends to provide hands-on assistance, coordinate their care, and help them with daily activities. For these patients, Pella Care CDPAS is a trusted and established CDPAP Agency that allows NY consumers the freedom to take charge of their own health and direct their own personal care. 

Your Care. Your Choice.

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) is a unique initiative for Medicaid recipients in New York. It allows the patient, also known as the consumer, to become an employer and recruit, hire and direct their own home care workers, also known as personal assistants. The patient can choose someone they know and trust – it can be a child, sibling, friend, family member or acquaintance. The PA is paid by a CDPAP agency who facilitates the employees salary and benefits. 

Pella Care CDPAS has been awarded Lead FI status by the state of NY and is approved to serve CDPAP clients in 42 counties. 

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