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Do you have a parent, friend or relative who needs help with their activities of daily living? Maybe mom is having trouble remembering to take her medicines, or a neighbor with mobility issues is struggling with his daily chores. Do you want to “do more” for them, but can’t because of financial constraints or your existing work schedule? With Pella Care CDPAS, you can become a paid caregiver and get paid to provide care to a loved one – as long as they are on Medicaid and live in NY State. Contact us today to learn if becoming a Personal Assistant through the NY CDPAP Program is right for you and your loved one.  


FAQS For Caregivers

Can I be a Personal Assistant?

You can be Personal Assistant to a parent, grandparent, relative, friend or acquaintance. You may not be a caregiver to your legal spouse, your child (if they are under the age of 21), or a person whom you’ve been designated legal representative. 

What are Requirements to be a Paid Caregiver?

Personal Assistants must be 18 or older. You do not have to be a US citizen but you must have valid work authorization. You will need to fill out an application with Pella Care CDPAS and complete a pre-employment physical exam. No special certifications, background checks, or licenses are required. Contact us and we will provide you with a full application package. 

How Will I Know What to Do?

The consumer is responsible for training and directing you in their care. Since you will know the patient, it is likely you will already be familiar with their needs. Pella Care CDPAS will also conduct an orientation for both the caregiver and the patient, and provides tons of resources and helpful tools throughout your employment.

How Much Will I Get Paid as a Caregiver?

Your rate of pay varies dependent on the patient’s location and their insurance provider. Pella Care CDPAS pays the maximum rate of pay available in the NY state counties we serve. Your weekly salary is based on approved hours and will be paid directly by Pella Care CDPAS. You can receive your paycheck through direct deposit or by mail if you prefer. 

What Kind of Benefits Will I Receive?

Upon hire and beginning to work, you will immediately begin to accrue paid sick leave and paid vacation time. Health insurance and other benefits are also available. Contact us for more information. 

What if I Don't Know an Eligible Patient?

If you want to be a PA but don’t have a relative or friend that requires care, you can work as a home health aide through Pella Care’s Licensed Home Health Care Agency. If you know someone who needs care but the patient doesn’t have Medicaid, they may be eligible for traditional home health services through Pella Care’s Licensed Home Health Care Agency (and you can even be trained to be their home health aide). Contact us or click here to learn more about if Pella Care’s Licensed Home Health Care services may be right for you.

benefits for caregivers

Why Become a PA?

Becoming a Paid Caregiver (or Personal Assistant) in the NY State CDPAP Program allows you to be paid for providing care. Your friend, family member, or loved-one received  the loving care they deserve and you earn money for a job you may already be doing. This is especially beneficial for individuals who have sacrificed outside jobs to care for a family member, friend or relative.

Another great benefit is that it allows people without experience or training to take on the caregiver role and make a difference in the life of someone you know and love.

If you know someone who is eligible for CDPAP and wishes to hire you as their caregiver, this type of work can be extremely rewarding. Pella Care CDPAS makes it simple for both the patient and the personal assistant to navigate the process of enrolling in CDPAP. Get started today.